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Why BRH stud?

I have been contemplating importing horses from Spain for some time, but honestly the import process has been intimidating to me. I have posted in the past asking for some feedback on the process, and I can tell you the replies did nothing to allay my intimidation. I have a feeling, noting who was replying, that possibly the information wasn't meant to make me feel more confident about importing from Spain. Most people told me how there were many people to be careful of, the process was very difficult, you have to do this but not that, and of course, they would take care of me if I worked through them.

Importing from Germany or the Netherlands is second nature to me, I have been doing it for close to 40 years! I know who to call and how to get it done, but Spain is a different animal completely. Spain has a 30 day quarantine before leaving the country. Virgin stallions don't need to do stallion quarantine stateside. Some friends have nightmare stories about the riding and the care at the 30 day quarantine. Horses can fly from Spain, but many also travel from Spain to Holland and then to Miami. So much that is out of my hands, not having the same depth of connections in Spain that I have in Germany and Holland.

5 1/2 years ago I visited the BRH Stud, and I met Enrique. He looked after me and the friends that I traveled with like we were his family. You know I was thinking about this today, we used to look after clients like this years ago. You pick the client up, you show them the horses. You take them to supper. You get to know the person you are buying from, or selling to, and by the time you agree to buy the horse you have a relationship with the buyer/seller and there is a level of comfort that is not always present these days.

Florida is a strange place to sell horses, and I presume buy as well. People come to the Wellington area to ride/try horses, a lot of horses, before they decide to buy. There really is little opportunity to make or have a relationship with the buyers, especially if they are coming with an agent. The buyer arrives, the horses is usually already in the arena, you warm the horse up as quickly as you can as the buyer is on a tight schedule, and then the trainer and buyer gets on. They jump off and head to the next horse, and you hear later if your horse made the cut for a return ride, and the process starts again.

I find my most successful presentations/sales are the ones where I have managed to speak with the client directly, talk about the horses, maybe meet the trainer or at least spend some time speaking with them. If the client buys directly from me, I find we continue the relationship. I get updates, and if there are any issues we work together to make sure the client sorts out what is going on and how to have a successful partnership with their new horse.

So my visit with Enrique at the BRH stud felt a lot like how I like to sell horses. There is no rush, you are able to get to see the horse getting ready, walked out of the barn, ridden, cooled off, bathed. You can do it if you want to get to know the horse better. Enrique spends time with you and you get to know him and his love of the horses he breeds. You don't feel the need to rush from one horse to the next.

Bonus! Enrique will take care of all of the import details. I don't have to worry about what to do and how to do it. I do hope to learn the ropes of importing from Spain, but learning from Enrique will make me feel much more comfortable about the process!!

One more reason to choose a BRH horse:

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