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Horses for sale


Olympia is a coming 5 year old Lusitano mare that was recently imported from Brazil.  Olympia is beautifully bred, and has a lovely temperament.  She has lovely gaits, with an exceptional walk and canter, and a lovely swinging trot.  

Olympia is schooling leg yield and shoulder in, in canter she is schooling canter - walk transitions, and also counter canter loops.  We are working on her lengthened stride in trot and canter.

She is a dream to ride and loves to go for a walk after working, around the property and up our little hill.  She has a recent ppe, has very straight legs, and good feet.  She can be seen at Inside Dressage Farm during season.  

Chardy - SOLD

Chardy is a 2009 16.1 hand black imported Oldenburg gelding.  Chardy does solid single changes and has started tempi changes.  He has a talent for collection, and is starting the canter pirouette work.  He has also done some work in hand with Claudio, and shows a huge natural talent and ability!

Chardy is sweet, brave, uncomplicated.  He loves to be turned out in the paddock, and loves to lie down in the grass and eat his breakfast. 

X-rays are on file.  Please contact for more details.

Orthrus - Sold to CA
2004 Imported Swedish gelding by Flemmingh, Orthrus stands 17 hands and is a beautiful bright bay.  Even though he is tall he is not wide and he is very comfortable for even a smaller person to ride.

Orthrus is solid Intermediare I and he is schooling all the GP movements.   He is beautifully trained and he is a perfect schoolmaster, with expressive gaits, solid training through Inter I, and a wonderful kind temperament.  He has scores over 70% from Europe.


Dein Prince - Sold 

Prince is a 9 yo imported Hanoverian Gelding by Damsey.

Prince has shown to 3rd level in Germany and is schooling the 4th level movements including tempi changes.

Prince is super sweet, easy to clip, shoe, hack.  He has a comprehensive set of xrays on file.

Please contact me for price and further information.
Florida M - SOLD

2012 imported KWPN gelding standing 16.3 hands.  Florida is schooling the PSG, and has a super talent for the changes and lateral work.  He has three super gaits that are adjustable for the FEI levels

Florida has competed through Prix St Georges with scores of 68%

Not enough good things can be said about Florida's character.  He loves people, he loves attention, he is smart, and he is entertaining!!

Florida loves to go on trails, he loves to do a little jumping, he trailers well, he is super doing round pen work.

This horse has been with me 1 month. THI
New sales horse arriving this weekend at
This horse has been with me 1 month. THI

Dante - Sold to Florida

Dante is a 12 year old, 16.1 hand imported black KWPN gelding (Dayano x Jazz).  He is drop dead gorgeous, which the sweetest temperament and a fantastic work ethic.

Dante has achieved scores of 68% at 2nd level with a Junior rider, and is now schooling 3rd level and 4th level movements including changes, and pirouettes.  He has a real aptitude for the lateral work, and he is a joy to ride with his great attitude towards work.

Dante is super to work around and work with, following you around the paddock like a puppy dog, he stands patiently in the x ties, he loves grooming and is polite at all times.  I just love riding and having this boy in the stable.

Dante has a comprehensive set of xrays on file, and has recently had a clinical exam by a top Veterinarian in California before coming to train with me.

Dante is incredibly reasonably priced for a quick sale.

Ferrari - Sold to Quebec

Ferrari is a 2003 papered Welsh pony mare standing 13.2 hands.

Ferrari "Fo" has had a foal.  A gelding called Maserati, who has a successful dressage career of his own!!

We purchased Fo 4 years ago and within a month of her coming to our home Megan, who was also 12 at the time, rode her at Global dressage at Training level, First level, and also in the Dressage Seat competitions.  She achived scores over 70%.

Fo and Megan also won the silver medal at Dressage4Kids for first level.  

Fo has been an exceptional learning pony for Megan, and has behaved beautifully at competitions. Fo goes on trails, and behaves well for the vet and farrier.  She did some jumping as well before we purchased her.

Fo is only for sale as she is not getting the attention she deserves and we want her to go to her next little person to further their riding careers!

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