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Do you want this horse?

This beautiful stallion is sold to the US but I am going to the breeder, straight to the source of the horse, to look for my next super horse.

It makes sense to me to go to the breeder who is able to produce horses of this quality time after time. Each of the horses that I have posted, are horses that I would be very happy to have in my barn!

All of the horses have the qualities I am looking for in a horse. They each have exceptional temperaments, even though they were stallions as well as geldings, they were all well mannered. They all stood quietly while handled from the ground, and they were focused under saddle. They were all very comfortable and easy to ride, with a light connection. All of the horses have super gaits, they are very adjustable, and they find the movements very easy.

Every one of the horses I rode were beautifully trained, and the full credit goes to the trainers at BRH Stud. They do an exception job of training the horses, of developing them appropriately for their age, so they are confident and willing when ridden by a new rider.

I am now looking for two horses when I go to Spain. Please let me know if I can look for and set up a trial for a horse for you as well!

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