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Foal in Barbados!

In December 2020 a client from Barbados sent me two horses to quarantine. One horse was a Grand Prix jumper gelding and the other was a beautiful KWPN 5 yo mare that was in foal. She was about 4 months pregnant. The horses were to do 30 days quarantine with me and then fly to Barbados, but due to Covid-19 the horses stayed with me until almost the end of March. I know but the owner and I were getting a little anxious about her young mare flying closer and closer to her due date, but we were consulting with Dr. Erin Newkirk and she assured us all was well. I worked with Dr. Newkirk to ensure the mares nutrition and shots were correct for a young mare in foal, and when she finally went got to Barbados, we both continued to stay in touch and assist with timing of shots. This morning I got a photo of the colt foal that arrived this morning. He is big and beautiful and best of all, healthy!!

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